MEDIA CAPITAL  Provide all types of pro audio and video software  

DAWs like avid protools,   logic pro, nuendo,   

All vsts  instruments and audio plugins


A) Autodesk  - PSP Partners

  1. AutoCAD
  2. AutoCAD Raster Design
  3. AutoCAD Architecture
  4. AutoCAD Electrical
  5. AutoCAD Map 3D
  6. AutoCAD Mechanical
  7. AutoCAD MEP
  8. Navisworks Manage
  9. Navisworks Simulate        
  10. Vault Collaboration
  11. Vault Workgroup    
  12. 3ds Max
  13. 3ds Max Design    
  14. Alias Design
  15. Mudbox    
  16. Showcase
  17. SketchBook Designer
  18. Sketchbook Pro
  19. Maya
  20. Motion Builder   Mudbox Softimage
  21.  Mental Ray
  22. All Plug-ins for Autodesk

B) Adobe Products – Authorized Partners

  1. Production Premium CS5.5
  2. Master Collection CS5.5
  3. Design Standard CS5.5
  4. Design Premium CS5.5
  5. Web Premium CS5.
  6. Acrobat Family, Photoshop CS5, Flash Pro CS5.5, Dreamweaver CS5.5, After Effects CS5.5, Illustrator CS5.5, etc…


B.Wacom – Authorized Partners


b.        Inuos 4 c.        Cintiq

3.        Eyeon Fusion


4.        Assimilate  Scratch


6.        ToonBoom

a.        Animate Pro b.        Studio

c.     Story Board

d.    Filp Boom



5.        Apple – Authorized Partners


a.        iMac

b.        Mac Mini c.        Mac Pro

d.    Mac Book Air e.    Mac Book Pro f.     iPad

7.        DELL – For Vostro, Precision Workstation, Storage and Server – Authorized Partners


8.        HP – For Workstation, Storage and Server - Authorized Partner


13.  nVIDIA


a.    Quadra 4000 b.    Quadra 5000 c.     Quadra 6000


9.        Antivirus -  Authorized Partners

a.        Symantec

b.    McAfee


10.  Corel Products – Authorized Partners

a.        CorelDraw Graphics Suite

b.        Corel Designer Technical Suite c.        Paint Shop Pro Photo

d.    Corel Painter

e.        WordPerfect Office f.        WinZip

11.  Microsoft

a.        Windows b.        MS Project

c.     MS Office etc…


12.  Imagineer Systems

a.        Mocha

b.        Mocha Pro c.        Monet

d.    Mokey



14.  PIXEL

a.        Professional Drawingcox b.        Table Type Lightbox

c.        Punching Machine– Heavy duty

d.        Field Disc

e.        Paper Rack etc.,


15.  Cebas Products

a.        FinalDOF

b.        FinalF/X

c.        FinalFlares d.        FinalRender e.        FinalToon

f.        MaxVR

g.        ProCluster h.        StairMAX i.        FumeFX

j.        Psd-manager

k.        ScalpeMAXthinkingParticles Classic l.        ThinkingParticles

m.   VolumeBreaker



16.  BOXX – Workstation


17.  Dassault Systemes – Authorized Partners

a.        3d Via


18.  Cinescape


19.  3D – COAT


20.  Bakery Relight


21.  Studio GPU ( Match Studio Pro)


22.  Fusion – IO ( Hardware)


23.  Plug-ins


I.    Avid Plug-ins and editing software

a.               3Prong | Avid Plug-ins

b.               Automatic Duck | Avid Plug-ins c.               Boris FX | Avid Plug-ins

d.               Digital Film Tools | Avid Plug-ins e.               The Foundry | Avid Plug-ins

f.               GenArts | Avid Plug-ins

g.               Imagica (Primatte) | Avid Plug-ins h.               NewBlueFX | Avid Plug-ins

i.               Pixelan Software | Avid Plug-ins



j.               ProDAD | Avid Plug-ins

k.               Red Giant Software | Avid Plug-ins l.               Re: Vision Effects | Avid Plug-ins m.   Stagetools | Avid Plug-ins

n.               Tiffen | Avid Plug-ins

o.               Trapcode | Avid Plug-ins p.               Ultimatte | Avid Plug-ins


II.    Maya Plug-ins

a.             Renderman

b.             Chaos Group | Maya c.             E-on Vue

d.             Blast Code Kiloton e.             Blast Code Megaton f.             Face FX

g.             glu3D for Maya

h.             NEW Pwrapper 1.0.8 for Maya i.             Xfrog 5 for MAYA

j.             Shave & Haircut k.             Muster

l.             Pulldownit pro

m.   Digimation LifeStudio:Head 2.7 Artist Maya n.             Digimation LifeStudio:Head 2.7 Pro Maya

o.             Digimation MEL Studio Pro p.             GPU-Tech RTSquare 1.3

q.             GridIron Nucleo Pro v2

r.             Massive

s.             Furry Ball


III.    3DS Max Plug-ins

a.             Chaos Group | 3ds Max Plug-ins b.             Forest Pack Pro

c.             BRIX

d.             Muster

e.             Pulldownit pro f.             Unwrella

g.             Flatiron

h.             BonesPro

i.             UV-Packer

j.             Di-O-Matic | 3ds Max Plug-ins k.             Boomer Labs | 3ds Max Plug-ins l.             GPU-Tech RTSquare 1.3

m.   GridIron Nucleo Pro v2

n.             LifeMode Interactive | 3DS Max Plug-ins o.             Electric Rain Swift 3D for 3ds Max

p.             Digimation | 3ds Max plug-ins



IV.            AfterEffects Plug-ins

  1. a.             Trapcode | After Effects Plug-ins
  2. b.             The Foundry | After Effects Plug-ins
  3. c.             Imagineer Systems | After Effects Tools
  4. d.             Re:Vision Effects | After Effects Plug-ins
  5. e.             GenArts | After Effects Compatible Plug-ins
  6. f.             Boris FX | After Effects Plug-ins
  7. g.             Wondertouch by GenArts | After Effects Plug-ins
  8. h.             ABSoft Neat Video
  9. i.             Alpha Plugins AlphaStar
  10. j.             Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 5.0
  11. k.             Avidion Media After Effects Plug-ins
  12. l.             Avidion Media Synchronize
  13. m.   Avidion Real3D Pro 1.0
  14. n.             Boomer Labs MAX2AE v3.5
  15. o.             CONOA | After Effects Plug-ins
  16. p.             CoreMelt | After Effects Plug-ins
  17. q.             Cycore | After Effects Plug-ins
  18. r.             The Deemon | After Effects Plug-ins
  19. s.             Digieffects | After Effects Plug-ins
  20. t.             Digital Anarchy | Video Plug-ins
  21. u.             Digital Element | After Effects Plug-ins
  22. v.             Digital Film Tools | After Effects Plug-ins
  23. w.             Digital Trove | After Effects Plug-ins
  24. x.             FAN | After Effects Plug-ins
  25. y.             Fnord | After Effects Plug-ins
  26. z.             Fractallonomy | After Effects Plug-ins
  27. aa.  Frischluft | After Effects Plug-ins
  28. bb.  Granite Bay Software | Adobe Plug-ins
  29. cc.   GridIron Software | After Effects Plug-ins
  30. dd.  Jawset | After Effects Plug-ins
  31. ee.  MetaDMA | After Effects Plug-ins
  32. ff.   NewBlueFX | After Effects Plug-ins
  33. gg.  Noise Industries Plugins for After Effects
  34. hh.  Pixlock | After Effects Tools
  35. ii.    Pixelan Software | After Effects Plug-ins
  36. jj.    ProDAD | After Effect Plug-ins
  37. kk.  PHYX | After Effects and FCP Plug-ins
  38. ll.    Red Giant Software | After Effects Plug-ins
  39. mm.   Silhouette FX | Visual Effects
  40. nn.  Spatial View (SVI) | Plug-ins
  41. oo.  Stagetools | After Effects Plug-ins
  42. pp.  Synthetic Aperture | After Effects Plug-ins
  43. qq.  Tiffen | After Effects Plug-ins
  44. rr.   Toolfarm | After Effects Plug-ins
  45. ss.   Topaz Labs | After Effects Plug-ins
  46. tt.    Ultimatte Corporation | After Effects Plug-ins
  47. uu.  Vicon | After Effects Tools
  48. vv.  Video Copilot | After Effects Plug-ins
  49. ww. Zaxwerks | After Effects Plug-ins